Honda Civic 2019 Detailed Tamil Review – The Motor Show

Honda Civic 2019 Detailed Tamil Review - The Motor Show

When there’s a Honda Civic on the road, people will stop and stare. Each feature grabs attention. And every inch of gleaming chrome sets hearts racing that much faster. So, it’s no surprise that the Civic is Honda’s highest-selling car globally.

VJ Namrata explains all about Honda Civic in this Video.

Still, there are some finer details you can tweak in your very own epic style. Additions that let you put your own spin on the Civic. And our list of genuine accessories is designed to help you do that – make your Civic as unique as you.

Open the door and step into a world where sophistication meets comfort. With one of the most spacious cabins in its class, the Honda Civic offers all the luxury you’d want in a car, and more. So, relax and enjoy the drive.

In line with Honda’s Man Maximum Machine Minimum philosophy, the Civic has plenty of room to stretch your legs.

Ample cabin space, comfortable leather seats, and rear AC vents – it has all you need to experience the ultimate in comfort.

The Honda Civic is designed for the real world. Spacious and ready for all that life throws at it.

It leads the way when it comes to boot space, complemented by the cleverly designed pockets next to every seat. So, you can sit back and relax, knowing all your things are in place.

Driver’s Delight – Elegant design. An expansive front view. And a cockpit-like feel. It’s a beautiful combination of functionality and grace, with comfort and convenience at your fingertips.

A powerful new engine at its heart. Every ride is an exhilarating experience with Honda’s latest technology in Petrol and Diesel variants. Class Leading Fuel Efficiency: 14.5 km/l for Petrol and 22 km/l for Diesel.

One Eminent Feature is – When you signal left a small Camera on the mirror will transmit the video feed to the central screen revealing more than four times the passenger side mirror alone. This keeps you aware of surroundings and eliminates blind spots while driving.

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