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    Uber driver sings ‘Nazar ke Saamne’, Internet Loves it!

    A video of an Uber driver from Lucknow singing a popular song from the 90s movie Aashiqui has left netizens impressed. The clip, which was shared by the Twitter handle @crowngaurav, features Vinod sitting in the driver’s seat while melodiously singing Kumar Sanu’s Nazar Ke Saamne. With over six thousand views, the clip was flooded […] More

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    Weeks After Marriage, Frogs Divorced To End Rains!

    Two frogs that were ‘married’ in Madhya Pradesh to appease the rain god have now been ‘divorced’ as monsoon continues to wreak havoc in the state. The frogs were married in July in the belief that their union would appease the rain god Indra and bring rainfall to the dry land. On Wednesday, two months […] More

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    Kaun Banega Crorepati 11’s First Crorepati Reveals ‘Irritating’ Aspect Of The Show

    Sanoj Raj, who aspires to become an IAS officer, became the first crorepati of Kaun Benaega Crorepati 11 by answering the 15th question on Friday night’s episode. Speaking to news agency IANS about his experience of participating in the Amitabh Bachchan-hosted show, Sanoj Raj a resident of Bihar, said that he found the importance given […] More

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    World Renowned Drummer Plays In Pune – Anand Mahindra Shares Clip!

    American drummer and percussionist Greg Ellis recently took part in Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrations in Pune, Maharashtra. Videos shared online show the world-renowned drummer, who can be heard in the background of Hollywood blockbusters like The Matrix and Godzilla, playing on the streets as a crowd cheers him on. One such video made it to […] More

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    30 Somersaults At A Time: Boy’s Performance Impresses Twitter

    Just a few days after a video of two Kolkata school children performing gymnastics moves amazed everyone, including five-time Olympic gold medallist Nadia Comaneci, another video has captured Twitter’s attention. The video shows a young boy doing 30 somersaults in one go – a feat that has impressed almost every viewer. The video has been […] More

  • Video of elderly Women dancing at Guwahati old-age home melts Hearts

    Video of elderly Women dancing at Guwahati old-age home melts Hearts!

    An adorable video of a couple of elderly women dancing enthusiastically during an event at an old-age home in Guwahati is being circulated widely across social media. The video shared by Mother Old Age Home, Guwahati, on their Facebook page shows elderly women dancing enthusiastically to Assamese songs. An elderly woman was also seen throwing […] More

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    Celebrating Madras! A 380-year-old Legacy

    “Chennai is a word, Madras is an emotion”. Chennai is one of the unique cities which builds a relationship with your Heart! You should ask a “Chennaivaasi” a person who lives in Chennai, he / she will definitely share their bonding with “Madras”. The year was 1639; the date 22 August. The East India Company […] More

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    Video of Manipuri Girl crying over cut trees becomes ‘Green Ambassador’!

    A nine-year-old Manipuri girl’s love and compassion for nature moved people, including the chief minister of the state, and she was appointed the state’s green ambassador.  Valentina Elangbam took social media by storm after a video of her went viral, in which the resident of Kakching district was seen crying inconsolably after two trees she […] More

  • Prankster puts glowing Red Eyes on Gandhi statue!

    Viral: Prankster puts glowing Red Eyes on Gandhi statue!

    Visitors to San Francisco’s famous farmers’ market were recently surprised to find a statue of Mahatma Gandhi that faces the Bay Bridge had glowing red eyes.  A Prankster added red lights to the eyes of the bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi near the Ferry Building, and the photos are now going viral. The bronze statue […] More

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