Ajith’s son Aadvik dresses up as IAF pilot on his birthday!

Ajith's son Aadvik dresses up as IAF pilot on his birthday!

Aadvik, son of celebrity couple Ajith Kumar and Shalini, celebrated his fourth birthday on March 2.

The family had reportedly organised the celebration at Leela Palace in Chennai.

Now, a few photos of the birthday celebration have made it to social media sites.

As expected, the photos of Aadvik from the event have gone viral.

Aadvik is seen wearing the costumes of a pilot. In one picture, he has donned a navy blue cotton dress, while donning black and white cotton pilot uniform costume in the other.

Both the costumes are said to be ceremonial dress donned by IAF (Indian Air Force) pilots for different occasions.

Looking at the timing of dress, one would force to think whether the Ajith family opted to show their respect to Abhinandan Varthaman, wing commander in the Indian Air Force, who was captured by the Pakistan army before sending him back to India as a goodwill gesture.

Coming back to the celebrations, the fans of Ajith and Shalini flooded with birthday wishes on social media sites.

Especially on Twitter, they made his birthday a trending topic using the hash tag – #KuttyThala.

Ajith Kumar and Shalini’s son Aadvik, who is fondly called Kutty Thala by the fans of Ajith, was born on March 2 2015. He is their second child.

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