HBD Aamir Khan: 5 Reasons Why ‘Mr Perfectionist’ Really Stands Out Amongst Other Bollywood Actors!

HBD Aamir Khan - 5 Reasons Why 'Mr Perfectionist' Really Stands Out Amongst Other Bollywood Actors!

People say being a role model is the most powerful form of educating and Aamir Khan follows it like no other Bollywood star.

Known as Mr Perfectionist in the industry, the third Khan-Bollywood has over the years created an image that many look up to.

From making films that address the pertinent issues of the society,to speaking his mind on raging issues even off camera,

Aamir Khan has always been the one with a calculative brain and has used his position to impart change in the society.

As the actor turns 54, we recall the numerous times Aamir Khan has proved that he’s the best man to impart education through entertainment.

1.When he taught us to love our ‘imperfect’ country

This all started with Lagaan. As Bhuvan, Aamir inculcated the ‘somewhere’ lost nationalism through what we all love the most, cricket.

Through the film, Aamir made us pledge to work towards making our ‘imperfect’ country ‘perfect’. This man knows the true meaning of ‘nationalism’

2.When he made familiar a ‘lesser talked about condition’

How many of us were aware of dyslexia before Taare Zameen Par?

Well, this uncommon condition turned out to be the most common amongst Indians!

After, Taare Zameen Par, came 3 idiots, where again a lesser talked about topic of unnecessary parental pressure in Indian society was touched upon.

‘Chase the excellence, success will follow’ became our motto!

3.When he took a stand about nature

While we all know how serious Aamir Khan is when it comes to business of cinema, this never stops him from voicing his opinion.

The same happened during the release of ‘Fanaa’.
Aamir came out in open support of ‘Narmada Bachao Aandolan’ and

took a stand for those who were being affected by the construction of the dam.

4.When he took the initiative to create awareness about burning issues

After being part of socially relevant films, Aamir agreed to be the face of one of it’s king television talk show Satyamev Jayate.

The show revolutionised the functioning of TV industry as everybody collectively supported and applauded the minds behind it.

Aamir Khan in Satyamev Jayate didn’t only bring light upon the problems but also gave us solutions and ways to counter it

5.When he spoke what’s been running in our minds lately

Aamir spoke about the fear we all have seeing the kind of violence and attack on freedom of speech.

Media blew it out of proportion and ‘fake nationalists’ termed him ‘anti-national’

but a man who has moulded his talent to give education to the youth through his art is a true nationalist.

He is the biggest star who uses his potential to educate and create awareness through entertainment and we respect him for that.

Being successful and keep following the excellence is what Aamir Khan is all about.

Here’s wishing the deserving Khan of Bollywood, a very happy birthday!

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