HBD Prabhu Deva: A Man with Multiple Talents!

HBD Prabhu Deva - A Man with Multiple Talents!

Lovingly called as India’s Michael Jackson, Prabhu Deva is truly an Inspiration to Millions across the Nation!

He is so versatile, that he is “One Man Army of the Indian Cinema Industry!”

His journey of a Splendid Dancer turned Actor, had a basic start but soon emerged to be a National Superstar!

Hailing from the South, he was known to the Film Industry at a very young age.

Prabhu Deva excelled himself as an all-rounder dancer, only to get a side role in South Cinema initially.

Soon he bagged himself the opportunity to play the lead in the film, ‘Indhu’.

He had a spellbound breakthrough in his career through ‘Kadhalan’, he proved not only his dancing but also his precise acting skills.

He established himself in a highly competitive industry!

He left acting only to venture as a Director and he became one of the most successful directors.

Today, he has made a mark for himself as a Choreographer, Actor and Director in the big Indian film Industry.

All of his work, has shown credibility not only in the South Film Industry but also in Bollywood!

Through his failures, he inspired that Failure is part and parcel of life that will help you for directing your goal.

He is a “Padma Shree” award winner, the fourth highest civilian award in India!

Happy Birthday, “Versatile Prabhu Deva!”

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