Kajal Aggarwal’s Makeup-Free Post Goes Viral!

Kajal Aggarwal's Makeup-Free Post Goes Viral!

A post that actress Kajal Aggarwal shared over the weekend has stopped traffic on the Internet, both for the picture it contains as well as the accompanying words.

The photo is one of Kajal, her freckled skin free of makeup; her caption is a comment on what defines beauty, how cosmetics really are only skin-deep and on self-worth coming from within.

The post has over 7 lakh likes and counting and over 7,500 comments, almost all of which echo Kajal’s sentiment.

Her freckles, in particular, received much love.

Kajal Aggarwal writes: “People can’t discover themselves anymore. Perhaps because we live in a world crazed by physical attraction or because social media has swallowed up our self-esteem in whom and what it glorifies.Billions of rupees are spent on cosmetics and beauty products that promise you the prefect body. Narcissism seems to exist everywhere. Between those lines, we try to join the crowd or feel left out. Yet the only way we can truly be happy is when we start accepting who we are rather than defining or carving a different image for ourselves. Although makeup beautifies our outer persona, does it build our character and define who we are? True beauty lies, in accepting ourselves for how lovely we are.”

Kajal Aggarwal is best-known for her work in Tamil and Telugu films.

She stars in the upcoming Tamil remake of Kangana Ranaut’s hit film Queen.

Kajal has also appeared in a handful of Hindi films, like Singham and Special 26.

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