The Heritor of the cascading honey- like melody – Shreya Ghoshal!

The Heritor of the cascading honey-like melody - Shreya Ghoshal!

Being one of the most popular and pleasing voices of the Indian music industry,

Shreya Ghoshal has been acquiring professional training in classical music

right from the early age of six years.

Born on March 12, 1984, she turns 35 today.

Although coming from a Bengali Hindu family,

It is marvellous to witness her unmarred pronunciation of syllables in every single language she approaches.

After winning the ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ show

When she was just 16 years of age,

She made her way into Bollywood and debuted in 2002 (Devdas).

Shreya has diversified her path from the stream of science to arts when she realised her passion for music.

Her showcase of talent serves as a multitude of inspiration and admiration to the rest of us.

She was distinguished by the U.S. State of Ohio’s Governor Strickland

Where the 26th of June was declared as the ‘Shreya Ghoshal Day’

And is the first Indian singer to her wax model exhibited.

Shreya is very keen on the different notes of style that each state has to offer.

She is one of the very few pan-Indian artistes in India.

By standing by her belief of ‘talent not being depended on age’,

She is always known to be minimalistic and subtle in her portrayal, while still establishing a august significance.

This prominent playback singer has acquired multiple national and international awards,

Including the National Film awards and the Filmfare awards.

Her symphonious voice and soothing quality of richness procures a perpetual purport on the entire audience.

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