The most anticipated dazzling Fashion Weekend 2k19 has made its way to Mumbai.

After the humongous success of biofashion at Ranchi, Team Attracters are now all set to organize one of the biggest fashion festivals of the year 2019, which will be a renowned event for the year.

With some of the Biggest Trend setters in the Nation, who have dedicated and proved themselves in the Fashion Industry, Team Attracters have organised this colossal event.

Team Attracters is set to make this fashion fest one of the most memorable and to provide a perfect platform to the emerging fashion players in the market to exhibit their new talents.

Team Attracters always been pioneers in promoting local and young talents and to serve the aspiring young minds to shine in the Industry.

This ’MUMBAI FASHION WEEKEND – 2K19‘ is all set to provide such aspiring young talents a stage where they could get a great chance to display their work in front of eminent personalities!

The best known people who have made a mark for themselves in the business such as Fashionable Karan Johar, Stylish Vivek Oberoi and Ever gorgeous Malaika Arora.

The Glamorous event took place on July 6, 2019.

It is appreciable that, Mumbai fashion weekend had emphasised the importance of Indian handlooms and also there was a special focus for our handloom industry as well.

This in a way would help our fashion industry to explore newer avenues in the business with a harmonious balance with our tradition.

Such ways of promoting our Indian Handloom will encourage designers and todays’ youngsters to use our indigenous to know that Hand Loomed clothing is also fashionable!

Events like these with great initiatives are much appreciated and they should be happening more in the near future!

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