Fat Burning Drink Recipes For Weight Loss!

Fat Burning Drink Recipes For Weight Loss!

The reasons for weight gain varies from person to person and age is also a major consideration.

Fat cutter drinks will help you cut through the excessive fat in your body.

The energy drinks will not only help you lose weight but also fight inflammation, boosts your immune system and enhance your digestive process.

Here are some recipes for weight loss that you can make at home.

Mint-Coriander and Lemon Juice:

Take some sprigs of coriander with the stalks, ten to twelve mint leaves and half a lemon.

Grind the Coriander and Mint to a thin paste add warm water, salt and lemon juice consume it.

Take this juice for a month and you will see the difference in your weight.

The juice is beneficial for weight loss, good for anaemics and indigestion too. It also boosts up your metabolism.

Cinnamon Tea:

Take a stick of cinnamon to boil it in water till the colour turns brown.

Have this tea instead of the regular Chai.

You can add some honey to it for taste. Take this tea for twenty days for results.

You can even replace the stick with some cinnamon powder.

Take half a teaspoon of powder to a glass of water boil it and have it when still warm. Take this twice a day.

Bottle Gourd Juice:

Cut half of a Bottle Gourd, remove the skin and cut it into cubes, add them in a mixer or juicer.
Extract the juice and add some black pepper powder to the juice.

Have it first thing in the morning for a month. The result will leave you pleasantly surprised.

This juice is beneficial in treating high blood pressure, good for diabetics, treats ulcers, acidity and many more.

The Cellulite Buster:

Take a lemon, 2 limes, some pineapple 1 grapefruits, and a little Ginger.

Peel the skin from the lemon, lime, grapefruit, and pineapple add ginger pieces and extract the juice.

Pour them in a glass and consume it. This juice is a natural cellulite buster and fat cutter.

The best part is you don’t have to spend an incredible amount. It can easily be made at home from things in your kitchen too.

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