Kalathi Rose Milk: All you need to know about Chennai’s Best Rose Milk!

Kalathi Rose Milk - All you need to know about Chennai’s Best Rose Milk!

The summer has begun and we all want to quench our thirst with cool drinks.

In our favourite drinks rose milk is irreplaceable.

On the busy East Mada Street of Mylapore, a small store called ‘Kalathi Newspaper Mart’ has a long queue of customers waiting in front of it every day.

It is not the thirst of information that has people queuing up there.

It is for the frothing rose-milk “Kalathi” offers!

The Mart, run by Mani, a retired bank manager, and his cousin Kumar, has been around for several decades.

Established by Mani’s maternal uncle Kalathi Mudaliar, way back in 1927, the shop is believed to have been once frequented by celebrities such as Shivaji Ganesan, Crazy Mohan and actor Visu for its trademark rose-milk.

The three used to visit the shop after their show at R.R. Sabha.

Also, advocate general N.R. Chandran used to sip the drink after the court proceedings.

Initially, the drink was sold for 25 paise, now in over 90 years, the drink has come upto 15 rupees only!

Though years have gone by the recipe remains the same as the do not add any preservatives or artificial colour.

The Kalathi Rose Milk has regular customers for 28 years and it is said that they sell 300 glasses of rose milk every day.

The taste sets up the Kalathi rose milk apart from any other summer drink.

And now Kalathi’s rose milk is considered as a symbol of Mylapore and the best Rose Milk in Chennai!

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