சர்க்கரைநோய் – நோய் அல்ல! – Reverse Diabetes Naturally!

Naturopathy specialist Dr. Yuvabharat BNYS, PG (PAHM), UK clearly indicates the reversal of certain diseases and disorders with the help of alternative approaches of treatments such as Acupressure, Yoga, Vegetarian diet and naturopathy sessions.

According to Dr. Yuvabharat the diabetes medicines are very dangerous and can cause various other disorders and hormonal imbalance in the human body system.

Unwanted glucose will be circulated in the blood stream and urine for the excretion purpose and so testing the urine and blood samples to determine a disease is not a logical concept of diagnosis.

Doctor also explains about the metabolism process, where sugar in its forms like fructose, sucrose and glucose gets absorbed into the cell.

Allowing the body to heal itself just by giving enough support through easily digestible foods and complete rest will automatically reverse the diabetes within ten to fifteen days.

Eating only when hungry along with proper rest and basic physical exercises are the basic forms of advises given to the patients that will stabilize all kinds of abnormalities.

Followed by the intense naturopathy sessions along with dietary formulation can reverse all kinds of disorders and enhances the body’s ability to heal itself properly.

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