Colour Therapy for your Overall Wellness!

Colour Therapy for your Overall Wellness!

Colour is a powerful communication tool which signals action, influence mood and physiological reactions.

These beautiful shades are a powerful force in our lives!

How easily they can change our mood, make our muscles weak or how it affects our sleep when it is dark with no visible colour to the naked eye.

Several ages and cultures are known for practising Chromotherapy or using colours to heal.

As per modern research, majority of psychologists believe colour therapy and its supposed effects are grossly exaggerated.

However, according to existing research, colour can impact on the performance.

For instance, nobody would like to see their grades written in red ink!

While in another study, it was found that seeing red colour before an exam can actually hurt the test performance.

Various shades have multiple effects from boosting moods to causing anxiety.

Colour preferences shout loud about your personality and the image you try to project.

Colour choices from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive can sometimes create a statement about how we want people to perceive us.

Some of the Colour suggestions are as follows

White:The shade is known for evoking a sense of youth and modernity. The colour white talks about feeling fresh and clean. It is particularly for kitchen, combined with full spectrum lighting.

Black: The colour is termed to be powerful, mysterious and ominous. Black is defined as the most powerful colour which is the reason why this particular colour is popular for luxury cars. But being known as the absence of colour, it lowers the energy.

Yellow: This shade is known as summer colour and denotes energy and conducive to stimulate the intestinal tract. It also alleviates constipation.

Purple: This beautiful colour restores the body’s equilibrium. The purple shade is highly recommended if you are suffering from back pain, dysplasia or scoliosis issues.

Orange: The colour might prove great to those who love to workout. It appears to stimulate oxygenation and balances metabolism.

Red: It is known for affecting the heart rate, respiration and brain activity. It increases enthusiasm and energy level in the room.

Blue: The colour has a soothing effect on the eyes and calms the body. It lowers the blood pressure, heart rate and controls respiration.

Colours convey our information, create certain moods and also influence the decisions we make.

The shades also influence the objects we choose to buy, clothes we prefer to wear and walls we paint!

Therefore chose the colour which describes you the best!

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