Is Coconut good or bad? – Doctor explains

Is Coconut good or bad? - Doctor explains

There is a common myth among people nowadays, about what to eat and what not to eat!

People are also largely misguided by false information which is spread in social media.

One such false information is eating coconut increases cholesterol.

Dr. YuvaBharat, Naturopathic Specialist clearly explains about this myth and also lists the benefits of consuming coconut in this video.

Doctor at the outset clears that human body is a Herbivore (plant eating species) system, and all systems in the body like the digestive system are designed in the herbivore species format.

Doctor claims that coconut is obtained from a tree and also confirms that the fat present in coconut is not cholesterol.

Dr YuvaBharart also reveals that cholesterol is a complex fat that is produced in the liver of a living organism.

Therefore he clears that no cholesterol could be produced in plants!

Thus consuming coconut in food does not contribute in increase in cholesterol levels in the human body.

Doctor clears that cholesterol is naturally synthesised in organisms that has the organ, liver.

Human Liver also synthesis cholesterol, the complex fat produced in the body, similarly animals also produce cholesterol in their body.

Doctor also clearly explains when consuming meat the cholesterol from animals are also being consumed.

Doctor also reveals the fact that highest coconut consuming state Kerala has recorded lowest “Heart attack” or “Cardiac Arrest” cases.

Dr YuvaBharart then explains the goodness in consuming coconut, Coconut has two components such as ‘Lecithin’ and ‘Arginine’ with helps a lot in regulating the cholesterol in the human body.

These components present in Coconut widely helps in reducing the cholesterol present in the body.

Doctor also recommends coconut intake for Women as it widely helps during menstruation.

Consuming coconut also helps in overall benefits to the human body!

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