Milk – White Poison? Is Milk Good for you?

There is a common myth among people nowadays, about what to eat and what not to eat!

People are also largely misguided by false information which is spread in social media.

One such false information and big misconception is consuming milk.

Doctor clears the air about consuming milk and its effect on the Human System.

At the outset doctor speaks about the essential need of breast feeding for every mammal, all mammals produce milk to its younger ones according its the nutritional need.

For instance a cow produces milk to nourish its calf, but when consumed human the nutritional content of cows’ milk might be too much for him.

Doctors says that a infant should be breast fed till his/her milk teeth grows. Later on feeding milk is unnecessary as the nutrition value of a cows milk doesn’t ally with the human body.

Any mammal produces milk for its own younger ones and not for man says doctor.

A common disease ” #Lactoseintolerance” is due to unwanted intake of lactic acid present in milk. It is a state where milk remains undigested by the human body.

Doctor also claims that the nutrients like calcium, protein present in cows milk is synthesized by the food that cow consumes and cow doesn’t drink milk. Similarly our body also get such nutrients from food and therefore milk is not needed.

Nature gives milk in mammals to consume nutrients in liquid form when as an infant. Thereafter which is not needed.

Consuming milk causes hormonal imbalance and also stimulates beefy muscular growth in the body.

Milk causes fatty liver, high BP, Diabetes, excess production of estrogen and testosterone, cancer especially breast cancer and so on.

Milk nowadays is highly adulterated with soy-milk, urea and other chemical components in order to increase productivity and to fetch higher income. This causes autism in children and many other disorders in the human system.

All other forms of milk like curd, ghee, butter are also not necessary. Our ancestors consumed it because they worked hard, but today life is more easy, we lead a well sophisticated sedentary life where milk is unnecessary for survival.

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