Naturopathic Medicine And Skin Diseases

Naturopathic Medicine And Skin Diseases

Dr. YuvaBharat gives an elaborate explanation of Natural treatment also called as Naturopathic medicine.

Doctor gives an explanation of the natural healing process and curing without Medicines or surgeries.

Dr. YuvaBharat quotes the example of how animals live hail and healthy for years.

He also mentions that there are 4000 ways identified through which a human being may perish.

So many diseases have been identified and affecting the human race, doctor claims that this is because human beings have moved away from nature.

The artificial way of living apart from nature has invited many diseases which harms humans physically and mentally.

Doctor also says that cough and sneezing are all natural defense system built by the human body inorder to eliminate the antibodies or toxins in the human system.

When cough or sneeze is scumbbed by artificial methods, it leads to problems.

According to natural medicine, these toxins that get dumped into the human body is the start of all diseases.

Doctor also says that fever, cough are naturally developed in the human system to excrete the toxins present in the body.

Doctor also reveals the interesting aspects of the science of fever, why body tends to be less active and rise in temperature – all are to excrete the toxins.

When such natural process is stopped by the aid of medicines, the toxins tend in stay in the human body.

He also gives a positive approach to cough, vomiting, skin eruptions, fever and so on.

Doctor also makes us understand that “Pain” is the language that the body tries to express to us about self healing.

Doctor strictly prohibits the usage of Pain killers. He quotes that pain should never be killed and the root cause of pain should be analysed.

Pain should be treated naturally, but not be killed, this is the start of all diseases.

Doctor asks everyone to understand their own bodies and not to kill it, in the name of treating it.

According to Dr. YuvaBharat, there is nothing called disease but its a self-healing mechanism.

He also strictly advises not to take immediate medicine for any trouble in the human body.

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