44 years of Emergency!

44 years of Emergency!

It has been 44 years since the day when India witnessed one of the darkest phases since Independence when the then PM Indira Gandhi declared an emergency across the country.

We have heard from our parents describing it as the worst 2 years of India since the British left.

‘The Emergency’ spanning for 21 months came to effect from June 25, 1975 and lasted until March 21, 1977.

The period of Emergency will be remembered for the way in which people of India came together and safeguarded democratic values.

‘The Emergency’ is the apt term used to describe the 21-month ordeal, spanning from 25 June, 1975 to 21 March, 1977, which was imposed upon the whole of India by the then PM, Indira Gandhi.

The order was officially declared by the then President of India, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.

The order gave Indira Gandhi the authority to rule by decree.

It is the kind of ruling generally done by monarchs and dictators, whereby countrymen have no rights of their own.

During the period leading up to 1975, the political unrest had started to brew against the Indira Gandhi government, in the entire country.

All Congress state units and Chief Ministers passed resolutions declaring faith in Indira’s leadership.

The CPI wholeheartedly supported the Emergency, and the Soviet Union described it as a “blow to a right-wing plot”.

Interestingly, it was the 3rd time in the historical backdrop of independent India that emergency was declared.

The two other times were in 1962-1968 (Indo-China war) and 1971 (Indo-Pak war).

Once the emergency was declared, Congress faced the implications and wrath of the overall public.

Writers wrote books and films were created regarding Emergency.

The press suffered the most as every word was screened by the Congress govt.

Indira Gandhi drew a lot of criticism for her actions which comes back haunting Congress even today.

Post the emergency, the first Lok Sabha Elections were held in 1977 resulted in Janata Party’s win which turned out against Gandhi.

‘The Emergency’ gave large power not solely in Indira Gandhi’s hand but additionally her son, Sanjay Gandhi. He performed atrocity of sterilisation.

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