All you need to know about Chennai’s Senate House!

All you need to know about Chennai’s Senate House!

The Senate house today has become one of the iconic symbols of Chennai and Madras University!

Facing the Marina, the Building remains as the landmark of the City and grabs attention because of its scenic architecture.

Any Stranger who visits Marina for the first time, asks what is this Building to the locals.

The 147-year-old Senate House of the University of Madras is a towering example of Indo-Saracenic architecture.

The design of the building was by Robert Fellowes Chisholm.

Twenty-one-year old Chisholm won a contest and was chosen to design Presidency College and a building to house the offices of the University.

This colonial building constructed by Robert Chisholm, a task that took him about 5 years between 1874 and 1879.

By the end of his tenure is 1902, he had changed the skyline of the city.

Senate House is quite an under-explored place, even for the city’s locals.

For, this exquisite building has been kept away from the public eye for too long, long enough to be forgotten.

The structure is a live example of the Indo-Saracenic style with a harmonious blend of Byzantine architectural features.

The Senate house has a central hall with corridors on the ground floor.

The corridors stand on six massive pillars standing on either side.

Also the four sky touching towers standing at each of the corners of the building gives it a dazzling look.

The senate house has a convocation hall, beautiful porticos, a parapet that surrounds these porticos, halls for meetings, a library etc.

It had offices of the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar and the university departments of study and research earlier.

The site has been ruled for almost 125 years by the senate house and it has been the venue of many functions and convocations were held in the central hall till 1965; later the venue was shifted to Centenary Convocation Auditorium.

Sadly, as time passed by, this proud structure lost its old world charm for which it was, and still is popular.

The Senate House recently hosted the Chennai Photo Biennale.

Many people of all ages, explored the building and enjoyed the photo Exhibition!

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