Amul joins Nesamani craze!

Amul joins Nesamani craze!

You probably must have seen #Pray_for_Nesamani trending online this week.
While Netizens around the country were busy praying for the well-being of Nesamani, it left several others quite baffled.
As the trend caused a laughing riot online, Amul too celebrated with a colourful illustration of everyone’s beloved contractor Nesamani.
The sketch shows the contractor looking up, as though a hammer is being dropped, and the serving tray slipping from his grip — butterfingers!
Tweaking the #Pray_For_Nesamani hashtag, Amul wrote “Tray for Neasamani”.
The trend began after a Tamil movie buff referred to a hammer as the object that was dropped on the head of contractor Nesamani, a character played by famous comedian Vadivelu in the Tamil film Friends in 2001.
A perplexed user inquired about his well-being, clearly missing the joke.
Soon, a tsunami of memes ensued with the hashtag leaving Netizens in a frenzy.
Amul’s cartoon on the contemporary meme trend created a buzz across social media platforms, and Netizens just loved the referencing.

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