CBSE’s plan for 2020 examination!

CBSE's plan for 2020 examination!

From this year, the CBSE Class X students will be given their mark sheet and an education certificate together.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board exams are happening now all over India.

CBSE School Class X and Class XII Examination mark sheets and Education Certificates were issued separately.

From this year the certificates will be given together.

As such class 10 will be getting both the certificates together but class 12 students will be getting both the certificates separately this year.

The 10th certificate is also considered as a document for the date of birth.

According to the CBSE examination committee, instead of providing a separate certificate

for the students who write improvement exam, mark sheet will be provided.

The CBSE is planning to conduct a practical examination in the written examination centres from the year 2020.

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