Chennai-Japan film festival happens in Chennai

Chennai-Japan film festival happens in Chennai

We might have heard the names Akira Kurosawa, Nagisa Oshima, Hayao Miyazaki and many other names uttered by the movie buffs

These fancy names of Japanese directors are always referred for making best films

Many Tamil filmmakers inspire film techniques and stories such as the impact of Japanese movies in Tamil Cinema

Kojiro Uchiyama, Consul General of Japan in Chennai, inaugurated the ‘Chennai Japan film festival’ on Thursday.

The festival — organised by the Japan Foundation and the Madras Film Society — is being

held from February 7 to 9 at the Russian Cultural Centre at 6.30 p.m.

Films that will be screened include ‘A Tale of Samurai Cooking’, Rail Truck and The Wife of Gegege’.

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