Easy steps to overcome exam Stress !

Easy steps to overcome exam stress

Board exams are around the corner and CBSE board exams commence today

Here are some tips to help exam day go smoothly:

Work out what you need to take with you on exam day and organise this the night before.

Eat a good, light breakfast – this will help with energy and concentration.

Go to the toilet before the exam starts.

If you feel yourself getting worried before your exam – spend some time focussing on your breathing.

When you sit down to do your exam, take time to slow your breathing and relax.

Read through the exam paper carefully. If you are allowed to write on the question papersUnderline keywords and instructions.

Work out how long you have for each question or section.

Aim to have time to re-read answers through and to make any changes.

Work on the questions that you find easiest first.

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