Elephant Herd’s Funeral Procession – Heart Melting Video!

Elephant Herd’s Funeral Procession

Who said animals are incapable of displaying complex emotions?

Research exists to prove that elephants are extremely intelligent creatures who display the same degree and range of emotions as any average human being.

Parveen Kaswan, an IFS Officer, spotted a calf being carried through the woods by an adult elephant.

They were then followed by at least eight others as they made their way across a road.

The footage shows what is believed to be the calf’s mother standing by the side of the road carrying the body.

She then lies the calf’s body down on the road before being joined by the rest of the troop.

Once they have all joined her she heads off into the forests again, carrying the calf’s body.

While the exact location of the funeral procession was not immediately known, the video generated a lot of interest on the Internet.

Elephant herds are led by a female, termed as a “matriarch” by experts.

In a separate tweet, the IFS officer also wrote that he had heard of “ancient elephant cemeteries” but had never actually seen one.

Parveen’s post has since gone viral, amassing almost 6k retweets and over 12k ‘likes’.

Hundreds of people have commented, expressing their admiration for elephants and their ability to feel such complex emotions.

Elephants are known to take part in rituals when a family member dies.

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