Gondola unearthed at Lucknow’s 220-year-old Chhatar Manzil!

Gondola unearthed at Lucknow’s 220-year-old Chhatar Manzil!

Uttar Pradesh State Archaeological Department (UPSAD) Officials have unearthed a 42-feet-long and 11-feet-wide gondola (a traditional, flat-bottomed boat).

The discovery was during excavation at the 220-year-old Chhatar Manzil of Lucknow that once served as a palace for the begums (royal women) of Awadh.

UPSAD officials did not rule out the possibility that it could be a royal boat.

The Officials are yet to conclude as to how this mammoth boat got buried in the ground.

The discovery was made in the late evening hours of Tuesday when the excavators and experts from the Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigam (UPRNN)

UPRNN is the constructing agency in the ongoing excavation work, stumbled upon a partially visible wooden structure.

It was later confirmed that the wooden structure was a gondola.

This is the third major discovery since May 2017, when UPRNN started the excavation as part of the ongoing Chhatar Manzil restoration and conservation project.

The officials discovered a 15 sq ft room, lying buried beneath the imposing structures that constitute a seraglio (palace complex) of the nawabs of Awadh that once served as the palace for begums.

Later, the excavators found a complete storey that was lying buried since ages.

So far, they have gone about 19.5 feet deep revealing the hidden storey of over 200-year-old structure of the era of nawabs.

Officials have also discovered pillars, wall brackets, doors and windows that are clear enough to give a hint that the buried structure was meant for living.

Later, they also found two waterways that lead to the structure.

This boat endorses the existence of water transport in Lucknow during the times of Nawabs!

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