India was not happy on this World Happiness Day!

India was not happy on this World Happiness Day!

World Happiness Day (March 20) was celebrated all over the world yesterday.

On this day, the UN issued a report on World Happiness.

The United Nations has said that the Indian people are not happier this year than last year.

This report is being published since 2012.

This report is made with various factors like equality, income, freedom, belief on the government, life expectancy and social support across the world.

In this report, 156 countries are listed.

In the seventh edition, Finland has been reported as a happiest country for the second time.

It was followed by Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands.

Pakistan ranks 67th, China at 93rd and Bangladesh at 125th place.

India had dropped seven places from last year’s level to 140th!

South Sudan is declared a country of least happiness.

From this report, we have come to know that negative thoughts, anxiety, sadness and anger have increased in countries with lesser happiness.

The overall global happiness has been declining over the last few years, according to a study.

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