India’s Aarohi Pandit – First Female to fly Solo across the Atlantic Ocean!

India's Aarohi Pandit - First Female to fly Solo across the Atlantic Ocean!

A 23-year-old flew across 18 countries in her light plane and became the first Indian woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone in a light sport aircraft.

Aarohi Pandit, took up the mission of flying for 120 hours and covered around 37,000 kilometres in the past 10 months.

The ambitious journey ended at Canada’s Iqaluit airport. Pandit flies a Sinus 912 aircraft which was built in Slovenia.

Known to be highly fuel efficient, the aircraft is called Mahi.

A single engine, two-seater, the plane weighs less than a family of four.

The aircraft comes equipped with a ballistic parachute to facilitate emergency landings.

A glass cockpit and special satellite trackers are among other features of the plane.

Pandit’s journey commenced on July 30, 2018.

Pandit was accompanied by her best friend, Keithair Misquitta during the initial four phases of the journey.

Pandit made the ambitious decision because of her avid interest in flying aircrafts since childhood.

The two pilots met each other at the Bombay Flying Club while training for their commercial pilot licence.

The aircraft took off from Patiala as the two females flew across Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Iran, Turkey, Slovenia, Germany, UK, Faroe Islands and Iceland.

The plane then landed in Kulusuk, Greenland.

The first phase was monitored by expedition director, Rahul Monga.

Monga also circumnavigated the world in a microlight in the year 2008.

Like any other glorious victory, this one had its challenges too.

The pilots had to return to Mumbai owing to harsh weather conditions in Greenland.

Since the cockpit of the aircraft did not have enough space for two pilots, Pandit was chosen for the remaining leg of the mission.

In March, Pandit returned to the Danish Island after five months and navigated her way through Wick and Scotland.

The 23-year-old is now gearing up for the last leg of the expedition.

Pandit will now be going to the US, Russia, China and Southeast Asia before being joined by Keithair for the last phase.

After completing her journey, Pandit will be known as the “first ever Indian civilian circumnavigation” in a non-commercial aircraft.

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