India’s one and only “Tree” doctor!

India’s one and only “Tree” doctor!

Have you ever heard of a doctor who treats trees!

Meet “Vijay Nishanth”, an engineering dropout, who is the only doctor in india who treats “TREES!

Always been told by peers and mentors that trees needed to be saved and grown, Vijay took a keen interest in nature and its conservation, right from his childhood. Vijay also worked as an intern at Atree, under the guidance of Harini Nagendra.

Along with his friends, he started off by tagging 115 trees in his ward in Jayanagar.

Vijay decided to apply the ideas and the techniques he learnt to track trees on his website, “

Today, the website gives you a picture of medium and large trees that are denoted with an icon of a green tree, saplings are marked as yellow trees, while free spaces where trees can be planted are marked with orange trees.

He started contemplating the idea of a tree clinic when he came across poisoned trees in the Marathalli region of the city. Usually, people poison the trees with lead or acid in order to kill and cut them down.

The website currently shows the data for four wards and one lake from the city. Vruksha has also mapped and listed endemic and exotic species found in the city. There are currently 85 different species that are listed on the website.

He has been part of the agitation against the proposed amendment of the Karnataka Tree Preservation Act of 1976, which would have led to illegal felling of trees all over the state.

Conservationists like Vijay and their consistent efforts to gather support against this Bill has reaped its results. Bending to the people, the State government announced the withdrawal of the Bill!

Vijay Nishanth, Bengaluru’s tree doctor is the man on mission to save the city’s green cover!

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