Indo-Pak Tension: Modi’s Kanyakumari visit plan change !

Indo-Pak Tension: Modi's Kanyakumari visit plan change

Since there is a tension at the India-Pakistan border, it is not confirmed Prime Minister Modi will arrive in Kanyakumari on March 1 as it was planned.

Prime Minister Modi, who comes to Madurai through a private jet, has already planned to land at the State Government Tourism Campus in Kanyakumari.

From there he visits Agastheeswaram Vivekananda from Polytechnic College at 1.10 pm tomorrow.

As per the schedule, PM will provide the state welfare benefits for 15 minutes and the BJP party program in the same college campus planned for 35 minutes. PM Modi will be spending 50 minutes the Kanyakumari Program.

But there seems to be change in the plan as IAF commander Abinandhan captured by Pakistan.

There is no information that Prime Minister Modi’s visit has been cancelled till now.

But tomorrow’s Prime Minister’s government event will only happen, and the party’s show may be cancelled nothing is confirmed.

Since the Prime Minister’s trip after the Pulwama attack, security is more than ever before.

Journalists who have applied for the pass for the gathering of the Prime Minister are being scrutinised by the police.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit the newly constructed Tirupati Venkateswara Perumal temple if he visits Kanyakumari as per schedule.

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