Leonardo DiCaprio Expresses Concern Over Chennai’s Water Crisis!

Water crisis is becoming an increasingly harsh reality, and voices are being raised across the globe to take preventive measures to rectify the situation.

At present, Chennai’s severe water crisis has caused a stir not just in India, but has also been drawing global attention.

The capital of Tamil Nadu has been affected by an acute water scarcity for over two months now.

Legendary actor and Oscar award-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, also known for his work as an environmentalist, has expressed concern over the situation.

Taking to his Instagram account, Caprio not only created awareness but also detailed the readers about the solution to the tragedy.

Sharing the picture of a dry well with several people bent over it, the Oscar-winning star shared BBC News’ post that threw more light on the crisis. His post read, “”Only rain can save Chennai from this situation.”

While the crisis still needs to receive attention from our government, who should ideally be taking strict actions to solve the water crisis that is taking over the country, the Titanic star has garnered over 4 lakh like-worthy attention on his post.

Several hotels and restaurants have reportedly been closed while a large chunk of the population is dependant on state-run and private water tankers.

Though rain is now the only hope, the Central Water Commission has reported a rainfall deficit of 41% in Tamil Nadu.

Chennai is facing acute water scarcity for almost two months now.

The city is provided from four reservoirs – Poondi, Chembarambakkam, Puzhal and Cholavaram whose capacities have dipped below 1% of the demand hence fail to supply water to Chennai.

The city receives its water from its three main desalination plants and other tankers and pipelines.

Chennai city requires around 850 Million litres of water per day out of which only 525 MLD of water is only been supplied every day to the city through the metro tanker lorries which was agreed by the municipal corporation minister SP Velumani during a press conference.

The streets of Chennai has seen people standing with plastic pots everywhere for several hours a day from, people who have booked a tanker lorry and waiting for several days to get it delivered to their doorsteps because of the high demand.

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