Let us know cancer – World Cancer Day

Let us know cancer - World Cancer Day

Abnormal cell growth is known as a cancerous cell. When cancerous cells invade or spread to other body parts, causes cancer.

The reason for this disease is still unknown, doctors claim various factors for the development of cancer.

Mostly the cause for cancer is identified as genetic mutations environmental and lifestyle factors and a rare chance of inheritance

Addiction to smoking and usage of tobacco causes cancer and 30% cancer death is due to usage of tobacco.

Diet, lack of activity and obesity are also related up to 35% of cancer deaths. According to the India Council of Medical Research,

an average of 1300 Indians dies every day due to cancer, which is 4,74,500 cancer deaths every year.

There is a myth amongst us calling cancer to be a new disease, but cancer has existed for all of human history.

Maybe the number of cases might have increased in the modern age, but the disease is known for us for a very long period.

Since cancer development is mostly due to environmental and lifestyle factor, these are controllable choices.

We should choose to make our lifestyle healthy and fit to prevent and avoid cancer.

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