Life of Jawans at the Hell called Siachen! Viral Video

Life of Jawans at the Hell called Siachen! Viral Video

Soldiers on the Siachen Glacier have given a demonstration of life on the frozen military outpost in a video that is going viral.

Cutting open a carton of juice to reveal a block of orange ice, and breaking open the eggs with a hammer!

In the video, three Gurkha soldiers posted in Siachen first proceed to open a tetra pack of juice, a simple enough task on paper.

But the liquid doesn’t pour out as one would expect.

Instead, it tumbles out as a solid mass, frozen to the core.

A soldier explains that they would first have to heat up the juice to be able to drink it!

They show other vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, onions and ginger that have become extremely hard due to low temperatures.

A soldier demonstrates through multiple attempts at cutting the vegetables, with a huge knife and even a hammer, that they are not viable food options.

Next on the menu are eggs. But no mere spoon or ladle or tap on the bowl can break these eggs.

Even smashing them to the floor doesn’t work. The solution – a hammer.

Drowning their troubles in laughter, the soldiers try to cut some vegetables next.

The hammer is a useful tool here as well since the tomatoes simply refuse to make way for the sharp edge of a knife.

Siachen is a glacier in the eastern Karakoram range in the Himalayas where the Line of Control (LoC) between India and Pakistan ends.

The army has deployed a brigade in the area where some posts are located at an altitude of 6,400 metres.

The army has been controlling the Siachen glacier since April 13, 1984 when Operation Meghdoot — the code name for a military action — was launched to capture the peaks by defeating the Pakistan Army.

The Siachen base camp starts at around 12,000 feet and the highest ones range up to 23,000 feet.

Siachen Glacier is the world’s highest battlefield and witnesses up to minus 70 degrees in winter.

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