MKBHD talks to Bill Gates on Saving the World!

MKBHD talks to Bill Gates on Saving the World!

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates plan on leaving about Ten Million Dollars for each of their three children as part of their inheritance.

Bill Gates wants to give away “99.96% of this wealth to charity and foundations”.

Their annual letter explains their point of view regarding the various crucial aspects for betterment and development around.

This also includes what they plan on doing about it.

Marques Brownlee (also called as MKBHD) , a video creator on Quality Tech, sat down with our famous American Business Magnate and the founder of the Microsoft cooperation, Bill Gates, for a couple minutes.

They had a nice chat about Electric Cars, Artificial Intelligence, Philanthropy and about what they can do to ‘Save the World’.

Their foundation goes through the aspects of Human Development Index by considering actual human interests and concern.

Mr. Gates mentions that “Tesla is an amazing product” but it’s at a premium price and covers only small percentage of the market when they lost their tax credit.

He opts for engaging all modes of transportation and encourages inclusion of all sectors of the society.

Bill gates focuses on the electric sector as a source and its economical attributions.

He further moves on to talking about A.I. and how it helps in the better understanding of the biological fields.

He also touches the topics of medicine, healthcare and politics and how technology can help in this case.

He put forward his thought in how he’s going to invest in the future during the MIT Technology Review

And hopes for the future that is worth working forward for.

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