Monkey Closes Tap After Drinking Water: Wins Twitter!

In 1977, the United Nations Water Conference recognised access to drinking water as a right for the first time, but even today, clean drinking water is not a privilege that everyone enjoys.

Water conservation is said to be the first step towards tackling that problem.

Perhaps that is why a video of a conservation-minded monkey has delighted the Internet.

The video, which has gone viral online, shows a monkey drinking water from a tap.

While that in itself is not remarkable, the fact that the monkey closed the tap after drinking from it has impressed social media users to no end.

The video, originally posted to TikTok, was shared on Twitter by former Chief Election Commissioner Dr S Y Quraishi. “What a beautiful message for humans!” he captioned the 11-second clip.

Since being shared online recently, the video has been viewed almost 5 lakh times.

Several hundred people have hailed the video as an example to be followed for saving water.

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