NDRF rescues a boy after 16 hours!

NDRF rescues a boy after 16 hours

After 16 hours of struggle, a boy was rescued safely by from a borewell in Maharashtra

Pandit Dasarath Pil works as a labour in a construction site at Thorandale, Pune, also resides near the construction site

Dasarath’s son Ravi Pil slipped into the borewell who was playing nearby on Feb 5th.

The borewell was 200 feet deep so parents of Ravi Pil panicked. Locals arrived at the spot and

Immediately local police were informed about the incident and National Disaster Rescue Force arrived by 8 P.M.

A pit was dug in parallel to the borewell, NDRF found the boy trapped between the rocks 10 foot below the ground

He was rescued by the NDRF after 16 hours of struggle and given to their parents.

Pune police have filed a case against the owner of the place Namdev Sadhasiv Jadaw.

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