OnePlus is the top-selling smartphone in 2018

OnePlus is the top-selling smartphone in 2018

OnePlus a smartphone brand which was found 5 years ago has become the leading smartphones of the year 2018.

The Chinese brand has been giving premium smartphone brands a run for their money and with the huge success of OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T.

Though we make fun of the Chinese products OnePlus smartphone maker has once again become the leading premium smartphone brand in India.

As per the report by Counterpoint, while OnePlus 6 was the top selling smartphone in the year 2018 in India, Samsung maintained a narrow lead in the whole segment, thanks to the success of Samsung Galaxy A9.

According to Counterpoint Research’s latest analysis, the premium smartphone segment (above Rs. 30,000) grew by 8% year-on-year.

For the full year 2018 and 16% YoY for Q4 2018. This made for the highest ever shipments of smartphones in India in a single quarter.

OnePlus has captured 36% market share in Q4 2018, its highest ever share in a single quarter.

While Iphone’s shipments declined by 25% YoY in Q4 2018 in the premium segment mainly due to high-premium-commanding price in India of iPhones.

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