Pakistanis show their solidarity for Pulwama attack

Pakistanis show their solidarity for Pulwama attack

The Pulwama terror attack on Feb 14 has saddened the nation, the world is in shock.

The Indian government is trying to stifle Pakistan by courting global support to declare it a terror monger

In the meanwhile, India has also increased the duties on the import of Pakistani goods by over 200%

India has taken drastic steps to fight against Pakistan and there are reports say that terrorist has planned another attack in Kashmir.

The lose of 40 Jawans has stirred the emotions of the people erupting in anger and there is an outcry for war against the neighbouring nation.

Fighting the terror should not cost innocent live war can never be a solution. Neither in India nor Pakistan people love each other.

A group of Pak youngsters have condemned the Pulwama terror attack holding placards which are going viral on the internet.

An Indo-Pakistan peace activist and a Pakistani Journalist Sehyr Mirza posted on her facebook saying “I am a Pakistani and I condemn Pulwama terrorist attack #AntiHateChallenge #NoToWar”

Patriotism is no bigger than human lives.

When we lost 40 lives in the terror attack we did not feel patriotic but we showed our solidarity as loving humans.

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