PM Narendra Modi inaugurates Chennai Metro amidst protest!

PM Narendra Modi inaugurates Chennai Metro amidst protest!

The Lok Sabha general elections have heated up the political fight between the ruling BJP and opposition party.

PM Narendra Modi is said to contest in two constituencies and there are talks that one will be in TN, either Coimbatore or Kanyakumari

Opposition leaders criticized his increasing visits are for elections and not for people welfare.

Yesterday he inaugurated the new metro rail route in Chennai from Tirupur

MDMK leader Vaiko staged a black flag protest at Tirupur with 400 protestors and got arrested.

They said because of BJP’s wrong economic decisions Tirupur industrial sectors face a severe downfall.

And exports from Tirupur is facing a loss of Rs 3000 crores due to demonetisation. Go back Modi hashtag was trending on Twitter.

Despite the raging protest at Tirupur, PM Narendra Modi addressed his party men and made the inaugural event an election campaign.

He concluded his address by quoting from Thirukural that said “the height of lotus flower depends on the depth of water in the pond, and the height of a person’s development depends on his high thinking”.

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