Priyanka Gandhi sits next to her brother in the Party office!

Priyanka Gandhi, sits next to her Brother in the Party office!

Priyanka Gandhi who has been called to the party recently and given the General Secretary for UP East.

Many say she is been taken for her charismatic leadership and spontaneous oratory skills.

And it is believed the main motive of bringing in Priyanka is to win the UP seats for Lok Sabha elections.

Priyanka Gandhi will be monitoring the poll preparations from the Lucknow office as the party’s General Secretary for UP East.

It is expected that she will formally take charge after taking a dip in the Sangam at the Kumbh Mela.

Days after assuming the post she had made a few changes in the party office for her desire after her return from the US on Monday.

She has been given the same office that her brother Rahul Gandhi used to sit in before he became the Congress chief in December 2016.

Her office is also right next to Rahul’s current office. The nameplates of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra were put up in Hindi and English.

The Congress office in Lucknow, also known as Nehru Bhawan, is also being refurbished ahead of Priyanka Gandhi’s visit

Priyanka has been allotted the same room at the Lucknow office which once belonged to her grandmother Indira Gandhi!

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