Rajinikanth and Politics – What will be the Superstar’s next move in Politics is a Million Dollar Question

Rajinikanth and Politics - What will be the Superstar's next move in Politics is a Million Dollar Question

Will he, or Won’t he? This was the question on everyone’s mind in TN, especially his fans, for a long time, to be precise for close to 25 years.

Rajini finally announced in Dec. 2017 that his entry into politics is definite.

 Later he clarified that he will enter the fray only during the next assembly election in TN.

The next assembly election in TN is due in 2021 unless anything untoward happens during the rest of the tenure of the current Govt. Political pundits are busy predicting his next move.

Here is our take about the possible options before the Superstar.

Rajini launching his own party: After Rajini’s announcement on his political entry, he unveiled

‘Rajini Makkal Mandram’ as a precursor to the launch of a political party.

He has so far created 38 district units and has appointed over 7000 office-bearers at various levels.

 Rajini has his work cut out in case he is launching his own party with assembly elections just 2 years away.

TN is a very big state; he has to travel the length and breadth of the state to create an impact among people and to establish his party’s vision.

By the time the next assembly election takes place, Rajini will be 70.

It won’t be an easy ask to start from the scratch considering his age and health, but we can’t write off the Superstar.

Rajini joining BJP: It is no secret that Rajini has great admiration for Prime Minister Modi and he has voiced his support for our PM on more than one occasion.

BJP is an established party in TN and has been contesting in elections for many years now.

Though this is an advantage, one must admit that the party is not strong in TN.

The fact that TN people have been voting against the party may not encourage Rajini to go for this idea.

 But if Rajinikanth joins the party and takes some corrective measures by having the right persons in the right place and convince TN people with his vision to address TN’s water woes, then both the Superstar and the BJP may end up succeeding.

Rajini joining ADMK: This may surprise many. But the fact is ADMK will be facing a huge anti incumbency in the next election.

ADMK has got a huge number of cadres and a solid voter base.

 The current leadership in ADMK may not be averse to an idea such as this considering they are in power for consecutive two terms.

 For Rajini, it would be an advantage since ADMK is more than well established in TN. So, one should not be surprised with this kind of a move from Rajini.

The next two years leading up to the election is going to be very interesting in TN.

People in TN are looking for a credible alternate face and the Superstar in Movies may turn out be the Superstar in Politics too.

What do you think?

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