Ready to Witness the Biggest Election on the Planet?

Who is the richest candidate in the first phase of 2019 elections!

The largest elections on the Globe is all set start from Tomorrow!

India’s 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

Don’t you know WHAT WE MEAN?

It means the elections have 900 million voters!

This is the population of Argentina, Nigeria, Japan, Brazil and the United States together.

It is around $7 billion i.e. Rs.50,000 Crores!

Which is inclusive of 100’s of “DeepVeer” Weddings, amount spent on Polls, on Advertising, on Campaigns, on Social Media, on Candidates’ expenses.

It has 543 Parliament seats to fill with 272 seats to win the polls.

In 2014, the BJP won 282 seats, the first simple Majority in 30 Years.

This Elections means addressing a nation with 6.1% Unemployment.

This Election means addressing Farmers’ grievances, where 60% of the nation solely depends on Agriculture to Live.

This election has 130 Million first time voters and over 16 million voters born in the 21st Century.

The Elections has nearly 1 million polling Booths at a maximum of 2 Kilometers from one another.

It means 11 million government workers would be employed to prevent election related mishaps,
Election related violence, poll-rigging.

It means addressing crimes.

It means 87,000 election related WhatsApp groups, that may spread fake news to sway away voters.

It could mean Women Power.

India ranks 149th out of 193 countries on Women’s Participation in Politics!

Not even 17% of the Parliamentary seats are held by women.

Though regional parties say they encourage women in Politics.

India has a long way to go.

India’s 2019 Lok Sabha polls have become a global sensation with all eyes closely watching India!

Get, set, VOTE!

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