Samsung launches new foldable phones; Galaxy Fold

Samsung launches new foldable phones; Galaxy Fold

Samsung has launched its new mobile which can be folded, the next era of smartphones.

The Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that opens up into a 7.3-inch tablet, offers a seamless flow of content from one screen to another

A foldable screen where you don’t see the fold or the hinge underneath. This aesthetic touch has impressed the techies.

Samsung chose the Bill Graham auditorium in San Francisco for the launch of its new devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a thick phone to look but this thick, box-like phone opens up into a stunning large square screen.

And The phones work primarily because of what Samsung calls app continuity. The content on the outer screen seamlessly flows

into the larger screen as you unfold it. This will be at the core of how this device will be used.

This is the only phone on which you can do three-app multi-tasking. The phone also packs six cameras in it. At the rear, there are three cameras,

while inside on the tablet side there are two cameras for selfies. The folded phone offers one camera on the front.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is priced at $1980, a new high for any mass production phone. The Galaxy Fold will go on sale starting April 26.

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