Sivakumar angrily hits away fan’s mobile phone again!

Sivakumar angrily hits away fan's mobile phone again!

Actor Sivakumar has been highly praised for his acting skills and also his oratory skills have been liked by many.

His vast knowledge in Hindu Puranas has made everyone awestruck.

Lately, Sivakumar was strongly criticised by everyone for hitting away a fan’s phone who attempted to take a selfie.

This stirred up a controversy on which Sivakumar publicly apologizing for his actions.

Yet again he is caught in such an act where he is found in a marriage event.

A fan tries to take a selfie with him but he hits the mobile phone away.

The video of Sivakumar is going viral on the internet and meme creators have started to make fun of this event.

Again strong criticism over Sivakumar’s angry action is stirring up in the social network.

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