Supermassive Asteroid To Near Earth Today!

Supermassive Asteroid To Near Earth Today!

A number of monstrous asteroids have flown by Earth recently, including the 2008 KV2 and 2006 QV89 making headlines for the possibility of them hitting Earth.

Now, another giant space body is all set to approach our planet today and will reach the closest distance on July 19, at 7:53 PM (ST).

The supermassive asteroid 2019 NJ2 has an estimated diameter of around 207 feet and is currently travelling at a speed of 30,000 miles per hour.

So, should be worried about it hitting the Earth?

No, because luckily, the asteroid will be roughly about 3.1 miles away from us during its approach so we can mark ourselves safe!

First spotted on June 29 this year, Asteroid 2019 NJ2 drew close to Earth in 1952 when it flew by Venus.

Center for Near-Earth Studies predicted that the asteroid is expected to return to Earth’s neighbourhood next on July 7, 2119, during which it will be at much farther distance from our planet as compared to its upcoming approach today.

It will be 23.8 million miles away from Earth during its future trip after a century.

2019 NJ2 is joining the list of the last asteroids treading closely to Earth, namely 2006 QV89, 2016 NO56M, RF12 with 2019 NN3, 2019 MB4, 2019 MT2 in the same week.

Earth has narrowly escaped the wrath of mass destruction many times as its gravity pulls close the dangerous space bodies close to our planet.

Last year, a massive meteorite blasted over the Bering Sea in December, releasing 10 times more energy than the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast. However, the 173-kiloton explosion went unnoticed as it happened in a remote area.

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