The world’s largest airport starts operating in Istanbul, Turkey

The world's largest airport starts operating in Istanbul

The construction of the world’s largest airport in Turkey has been completed and they have come to operation.

Instead of Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, the largest airport in the world is located 30km away.

The airport, which is said to be built at the cost of $ 8 billion, and 47,300 tonnes of construction materials were taken from Ataturk city.

Now, according to the Hürriyet Daily News, all operations from Atatürk Airport will start be transferred to Istanbul Airport starting April 5.

The shift is expected to be complete by April 7; then, Atatürk Airport will end its commercial passenger flights and “will only be available for cargo, maintenance, general aviation, air taxi, business flights, state aircraft and other flights permitted by the airports authority DHMİ,” the article says.

The airport has the facility to handle 9 crore passengers per year. The airport is rolling out in four phases, with construction ongoing.

The soft opening last fall marked the debut of phase one, which includes a new terminal that serves both domestic and international flights—it has 143 gates—with two runways that each can move 45 flights per hour.

The number of surveillance cameras in the airport will outnumber those within the city of Istanbul alone,

and be equipped to identify things like people remaining oddly idle or suddenly going in the reverse flow of traffic, as well as license plate and facial recognition.

The airport security team works closely with local police, the armed forces, and Coast Guard as part of its operations,

Once fully completed by 2027, the airport will have six sets of runways (eight in total), 16 taxiways, and a total annual passenger capacity of 150 million passengers.

If fully expanded to a capacity of 200 million, the airport will exhibit four terminal buildings with interconnecting rail access that combine for a total indoor area of 3,200,000 sq.m(34,000,000 sq ft).

The airport will also have a 6,500,000 sq.m (70,000,000 sq ft) apron with a parking capacity of 500 aircraft, VIP lounges, cargo and general aviation facilities, a state palace, and indoor and outdoor parking that can accommodate up to 70,000 cars.

A medical center, aircraft rescue and firefighting stations, hotels, convention centers, power plants, and wastewater treatment facilities will also be built.

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