Viral – Black Bear Breaks Into Home, Takes A Nap!

Viral - Black Bear Breaks Into Home, Takes A Nap!

A family in Montana received quite a scary morning when they woke up to find a bear in their house.

According to Missoula County Sheriff’s Office, at around 5.45 am in the morning, residents of a Butler Creek home reported a bear inside their house.

The bear had not only managed to break into their home, he had also locked himself inside a room, destroyed it and then climbed into the closet for a leisurely nap.

When deputies arrived, they discovered this black bear had opened the door to the mudroom of this residence and somehow managed to lock the door from inside.

After being unable to leave, the bear began ripping the room apart but then decided he was tired and climbed up into the closet for a nap.

When deputies knocked on the window, the bear was not the least bit impressed.

He slowly stretched, yawned and, unamused, looked toward the door.

Eventually, deputies were able to unlock the door in hopes he would hop down and leave. However, their attempts were only met with more big bear yawns.

Cops added that the bear looked unimpressed with their presence, only yawning and refusing to come down. He was eventually tranquilized in order to be relocated.

The homeowners were glad he was removed in good health, but won’t soon forget when this intruder came looking for the bear necessities!

Since being shared online, the post has gone viral with over 7,500 reactions and over a thousand comments!

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