Viral: Bull escapes ring, leaps into stands and thrashes spectators in Spain!

Several people were injured after a bull escaped from a ring at an event organised Sunday on the occasion of the festival of Vidreres, in Spain’s Girona.

The bull escaped from the ring and charged towards the audience, leaving several people injured. Police personnel later shot and killed the animal.

The dramatic incident was captured on camera by several spectators and showed the bull leaping out of the ring and into the crowd in the stands. The animal then chased and attacked spectators.

Some spectators tried to grab the animal by its tail and horns to bring it under control, but it only made the animal more agitated as it ran about.

According to report by local media outlet La Vanguardia, 19 people were injured in the incident and one of them is in critical condition at a local hospital.

The 18 injured people were discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment.

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