Viral Pics Show Huge Python Swallowing Crocodile!

Viral Pics Show Huge Python Swallowing Crocodile!

A photographer captured incredible images of an olive python swallowing an Australian freshwater crocodile whole.

Kayaker Martin Mueller snapped the remarkable photos and GG Wildlife Rescue, a nonprofit in Australia, shared them on its Facebook page on June 1.

Identified as an olive python, the reptile battled a freshwater crocodile and finally swallowed it completely.

The entire fight was captured in a series of incredible – and for some horrifying – pictures.

The gruesome images, which were originally posted on Facebook by GG Wildlife Rescue, are now being shared across various social media platforms.

There are some images that show the snake and the crocodile in fighting positions.

And, there are also others that capture the snake slowly coiling itself around the crocodile.

And, finally, an image shows the snake winning the battle by swallowing the crocodile completely.

While some were terrified by the pictures, there were others who found it fascinating.

Snakes can stretch their mouths and open it extremely wide because of its separated lower jaw, according to Live Science.
They can eat animals, even larger than themselves, including deer, alligators, crocodiles and of course humans.

The olive python is native to Australia and can grow up to 13 feet in length.

In 2017, an Indonesian man was also found dead inside the belly of a giant 23-foot python!

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