Viral Video: A Crow refuses all offers until it gets a Fish it wants!

Viral Video- A Crow refuses all offers until it gets a Fish it wants!

A crow in Kerala is being hailed as a master of negotiation after a video emerged of it refusing all offers until it gets a fish that’s acceptable.

In the video that has gone viral, the bird is seen sitting on a tray with a wide variety of fish on it and trying to take the biggest one possible.

When the fishmonger tries to shoo it away, it refuses to leave.

Seeing its determination, the fishmonger tries to offer it a smaller fish.

After watching the crow’s determination, the fisherman tries to offer a small fish to the crow, to which it denies.

The crow denied several offers from the fisherman, however, it has its own choice.

The crow after rejecting a lot of fishes picks the fish of the size it wants.

Finally, the fisherman offers a bigger fish to the crow and the crow flew away happily locking the deal on to that fish.

The video is making rounds on the Internet hailing the fish for extraordinary skills to negotiate.

The video is posted by the user named Geetima Das Krishna.

Geetima captioned the video as “Super intelligent crow bargaining with a fish-seller for a bigger fish. Made me recall the childhood story of ‘thirsty crow’. Amazing!”. Well, don’t go much deeper, because the user has a pretty smile.

The video is raging the internet and tweeple are sharing their overwhelming response to the video.

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