Why Mirage 2000 was chosen for surgical strike?

Why Mirage 2000 was chosen for surgical strike

According to news agency ANI, it was the 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets which took part in the covert operations across the Line of Control at 3:30 am and completely destroyed the targets.

This successful operation by time-tested India’s leading fighter jet-Mirage 2000, also known for turning the tide in India’s favour during Kargil war, has once again proved its tactical advantage in the case of limited conflict.

Compared to Sukhoi Su-30MKI which is India’s most prized aircraft designed mainly for a prolonged conflict, the Mirage 2000 takes the edge in quick operations owing to its less weight and higher speed.

Besides, the role of Mirage 2000 is well recognised in case of limited air-borne operations owing to unique load-carrying capacity, precision, and laser-guided Bombs.

Post upgradation what has led to its increased utility specially for night operations are the features of state-of-the-art glass cockpit with multi-color, multi-function displays in place of previous era analog gauges.

Way back 1982, India looked towards having an aircraft which could be an answer to Pakistan’s F-16 provided to it by the USA.

Mirage 2000 developed by French company Dassault Aviation was first commissioned in Indian Air force in 1985.

Post its recent upgradation, the Mirage 2000 is well on the path to provide its services to Indian armed forces for another 30 years.

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