Why was Rahul Gandhi’s College visit was kept secret?

Why was Rahul Gandhi's College visit was kept secret?

Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with college students has given him unexpected big support.

On March 13, Rahul Gandhi made an open conversation with students at Stella Maris College, Chennai.

Rahul Gandhi appeared in a simple Jean and T-Shirt which made the college students appreciate that

‘one of the prominent leader in India and posed as the next Prime Minister candidate is so simple and young.’

The student who feels shy when Rahul requested her to call him ‘Rahul rather than sir is going viral on the Internet.

This has built up his image amongst the students.

Rahul Gandhi’s answers to the question of education, economy, the South Indian and North Indian societies have reached the parents beyond the students.

When Rahul was on his way to Kanyakumari he has commended Chennai students are brilliant.

this event was not only a success in Stella Maris, rather it has been successful amongst the most students of India through YouTube.

Such a crucial event was kept secret Tamil Nadu Congress Committee leader K.S. Alagiri and

other important Congressmen learnt about the college event a few hours before his arrival.

The All India Mahila Congress worked for 3 months and has secretly organized the event in the college. Manik Thakur has been the coordinator.

The stage arrangements for the Rahul Gandhi meeting in college, the screen and the speakers were

arranged by the Congress party. and the party has spent About 7 lakh rupees for these arrangements.

The college meeting was planned three months earlier and was kept secret.

Few Congress workers say that if the information leaked, it was possible that the college administration had been hampered and the program was to be blocked.

Congress leaders have also come up with the idea that Rahul can hold meetings in different parts of the country as the Chennai Students’ Meeting was successful.

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