Why we should celebrate Valentine’s day!

Why we should celebrate Valentine's day

The Valentine day fever has started; as only a week to go, people are started sharing what are the days in the Valentine week

and people have also started trolling the Valentine’s Day. Twitter is trending with #Roseday hashtag.

A video of Rahul Gandhi, Congress president giving a rose to a kid is also going viral on Twitter.

Do you know what are the following days of Valentine week? Here is follows

Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, Promise day, Hug day, Kiss day and finally Valentine’s day.

Many would find celebrating Valentine’s day for a week to be childish but for a country like India love must be celebrated every day.

People around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day peacefully, but in India Valentine’s day is still a taboo

Religious gores oppose this day and are a threat to the couples on that day. Parents kill their own children if their kids fall in love!

When caste, religion, language and race could be a barrier of love in this country why couldn’t the love be celebrated?

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